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And so it begins

June 13, 2010

So, I have started a blog. Shocking really, as it had never really occurred to me before to do such a thing. The idea came to me rather suddenly just a couple days ago. I was sitting in the Philadelphia airport waiting for a flight to Paris. Rather than reading the briefs I was supposed to be studying, I was partaking in that age-old tradition of persons finding themselves in public places: people watching. To be exact, I was watching people trying on Bose headphones. There is something fascinating about peoples’ attraction to Bose headphones, there really is. There was a constant stream of travelers pausing in their dashes between gates, to try on the bulky things, and try to convince themselves that they really should buy a pair. Really, if someone wanted to spread a deadly disease they wouldn’t do badly if they were to contaminate the demonstration headphones in airport Bose shops.

As I watched, I was overcome by an urge to talk about the people I was watching. I felt a desire to have a friend sitting next to me with whom I could gossip. The people were too entertaining for me to enjoy by myself. It was then that I had the sudden idea of starting a blog! And why not, what better a way to share the joy I take in people watching? And so here I am, starting just such a blog. I don’t know if people will find the subject enjoyable or not, only time will tell, but I do hope you take some pleasure in this blog, it is a labour of love, and I am looking forward to keeping you updated as to my people watching adventures.


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