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Bloody Stupid Americans

June 13, 2010

Just popped in to grab something before heading out to some clubs. Had a smashing dinner, quite cleared the sour taste of Sunday afternoon business affairs and almost put me into holiday mode! But must not let myself think of this as some sort of a mini break, must continue with business as usual… Blahh.

Anyway, while waiting for the Maître d’hôtel to seat us, I had the most wonderful opportunity to observe typical obnoxious americans. I realise that this is not a particularly exciting or original first people watching post, but it is tried and true, and I have literally only 5min to waste before I have to head out again. It seemed to be a couple in their late 30s, maybe 40s or later, so hard to tell really. They were seated in what they had determined to be an unsuitable location in the dining room, and were explaining to the waiter the necessity of a move. The poor waiter was obviously not in a position to grant the couple’s wish, and seemed to be fighting back the only way he could think of; that is, he was slowly but surely acting more and more French, and loosing by the second his ability to comprehend English. It really was great fun to watch, and I was completely absorbed in it. I felt sad that I didn’t have a little spy camera with which to take pictures of the circus.

From what I could understand of the conversation, it seemed that the couple had heard about the restaurant  in some american travel journal or other, and the article in question had been particularly precise in its recommendation for acceptable seating arrangements. What I was completely unable to fathom (as neither apparently was the waiter) was exactly what the importance of location could have, considering that the dining area consisted of only a single room, and not a particularly large one at that. When Maître d’hôtel did turn his attention to the fuss being made, it seemed that even he could get no more reason from the couple (I might add that the primarily guilty party was the woman) then that they had read about it in the magazine article. To me this highlighted a rather unfortunate stereotype attached to americans. That is, their unbelievable, pig-headed stupidity. Having spent a rather large amount of time in the United States, I can attest that the majority of them are decidedly not stupid, but for some reason, it would seem that obnoxious travelers are almost always americans! I’m sure there are good reasons for why this is so; perhaps I’ll give it some more time later.

Oh blast, I do seem to have gotten a bit carried away here. I don’t even have time to proof-read. Oh well, maybe I’ll come back and tidy up later. It seems possible to do that.

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