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Paris Day 2

June 13, 2010

Ahh, Paris. No matter how many times I visit I will never loose that joy I feel waking up to my first full day. No matter how clichéd it may seem, there really is something magical about Paris. I really haven’t had much time to blog, having been in meetings all day, and as am about to head out for the evening with a group of acquaintances I really don’t have time to say much now. What I will say is that knowing I plan to write my observations down has already added a touch of spice to my usual people watching activities. I’ve started taking a slightly more active role in my observing. There is something fantastic about looking at people and thinking to ones self — “what would that person and his/her activities look like in print?” I’ve collected some lovely stories, and even a couple candid pictures to share, but I’m afraid they will have to wait a bit until I have some more time. It really was too bad to have to have meetings on a Sunday! They weren’t really necessarily “official meetings”, really more informal than those silly things in rooms with long tables and white boards, but they were what you might call, “unavoidable group conversations with significant implications for the industry”. Oh bugger. But never mind, I have 3 lovely days here, and then it’s onto the train to Italia. I’ll definitely be able to write then.


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